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Patent # Description
US-7,505,753 Distribution of tasks over time in a mobile terminal
The invention relates to a method, a device and a process for distributing various tasks performed by a mobile terminal (101) over time. The idea of the...
US-7,505,731 System and method for delivery of content by a network based upon a predefined condition
A content delivery service is described for delivering content over a broadband digital broadcast network (7). A controller (27) allows the delivery of content...
US-7,505,445 Controlling user equipments
A system and method controls the use of user equipments within an access network configured to allow user equipments to access a communication system in an...
US-7,505,444 Method for informing layers of a protocol stack about the protocol in use
A method for transferring information over a data connection in accordance with a protocol stack (206, 210) comprising first and second protocol layers. The...
US-7,505,442 Routing transformation, security, and authorization for delegated prefixes
A system is provided for prefix delegation with a pre-configured home agent, having a home address, and having a set of mobile router prefixes that are available...
US-7,505,006 Antenna arrangement
An antenna arrangement including: a coupling element, a conductive element; an extension element for electrically extending the conductive element and a reactive...
US-D588,592 Handset
US-D588,591 Panel for a handset
US-D588,590 Set of buttons for a handset
US-D588,589 Set of keys for a handset
US-D588,575 Headset
US-D588,570 Handset
US-D588,569 Handset
US-D588,568 Handset
US-D588,567 Handset
US-D588,565 Handset
US-D588,564 Handset
US-D588,563 Handset
US-7,502,931 Method and device for authenticating a user on a remote server
A method is provided for authenticating a user (10) on a remote server 16a, 16b, 16c of a network 18, comprising the steps of receiving an authentication request...
US-7,502,923 Systems and methods for secured domain name system use based on pre-existing trust
Systems, devices and methods are presented for providing controlled use of information stored publicly within the domain name system (DNS). Controlled use is...
US-7,502,866 Method for configuring a base station in a telecommunication network
A telecommunication network planning and network control includes network installation procedures and a system for configuring a telecommunication network. More...
US-7,502,837 Service provisioning in a communication system
The invention relates to a service provisioning method in a communication system. In the method information regarding a communication control entity capable of...
US-7,502,734 Method and device for robust predictive vector quantization of linear prediction parameters in sound signal coding
The exemplary embodiments of this invention relate to a method and device for quantizing linear prediction parameters in variable bit-rate sound signal coding,...
US-7,502,632 Text messaging device
A hand-held wireless communication device for creating and sending text messages including ideograms, said communication device including: an input interface for...
US-7,502,629 Methods and devices for transferring a secret to enable authenticated wireless communication
A handheld electronic device comprising: a memory device and a processor. The memory device is temporarily removable from the handheld electronic device for...
US-7,502,626 System and device for accessing of a mobile communication network
A system, wherein a mobile station can switch to an IP access protocol, whereupon data transmitted between the mobile station and a mobile services switching...
US-7,502,624 Method of and apparatus for communicating
A system for effecting communication between first and second radio transceivers, comprises a communicator for effecting communication between the first and...
US-7,502,607 Method for producing authentication information
A method in a mobile station for a communication system includes determining if a security module installed in a mobile station is able to produce authentication...
US-7,502,421 High rate transmission diversity transmission and reception
The performance and symbol rate in a wireless mobile system are increased by forming a transmission code matrix using transformed orthogonal codes, in such a way...
US-7,502,384 Systems and methods for providing asynchronous request-response services
A system for invoking a service includes an invoking entity and a network entity such as a service provider. The invoking entity can send a service invocation...
US-7,502,371 Distributed connection admission-control
A method distributes connection admission control. Traffic flows are distributed locally at network nodes based on determined path weights and dynamic link...
US-7,502,362 Method for maintaining a data transmission connection
The invention relates to a method for maintaining a first data transmission connection from a terminal (MS) to a telecommunication network (NW1). In the method,...
US-7,502,345 Transmitting messages in telecommunication system comprising a packet radio network
A method of transmitting messages in a telecommunication system comprising a first network offering circuit-switched services, a second network offering...
US-7,502,339 Mobility within a packet-switched telephony network
According to an embodiment of the present invention, a system is provided that includes a cellular network, a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and a...
US-7,502,322 System, method and computer program product for increasing throughput in bi-directional communications
A system, method, and computer program product are provided for bi-directional communication. The system includes a first host capable of transmitting...
US-7,502,312 Fourier-transform based linear equalization for CDMA downlink
In the reception of a CDMA signal, the receiving unit performs a simplified process of linear equalization that eliminates the need for inverting the correlation...
US-D588,121 Set of keys for a handset
US-D588,120 Set of key buttons for a handset
US-D588,113 Headset
US-D588,101 Headset
US-D588,095 Handset
US-D588,094 Handset
US-D588,093 Handset
US-D588,091 Handset
US-D588,090 Handset
US-D588,089 Handset
US-D588,088 Front cover for a handset
US-D588,087 Handset
US-D588,066 Charger
US-D587,998 Box blank
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