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Patent # Description
US-D590,378 Headset
US-D590,377 Headset
US-D590,376 Front cover for a headset
US-D590,373 Speaker
US-D590,371 Headset
US-D590,367 Handset
US-7,516,402 Presentation of large objects on small displays
This invention relates to a method, a computer program product, a device and a system for formatting an object to obtain a formatted object, wherein the object...
US-7,516,395 Memory checking apparatus and method
Image or other data is stored in a memory. A first validation parameter (e.g., a checksum) is determined for the data stored in the memory at a first time, and...
US-7,516,236 Method to improve perceived access speed to data network content using a multicast channel and local cache
A method for increasing a user's perceived access speed to content available from a data network. The method utilizes a multicast channel and the selection of...
US-7,516,196 System and method for delivery and updating of real-time data
A system, method and computer program for receiving real-time data from a content provider and delivering it to a user terminal while using the minimum amount of...
US-7,516,075 Hypersound document
A hypersound document which insures reductions in cost and power requirement of electronic information terminals and a reproducer therefor. The hypersound...
US-7,515,945 Connected mode for low-end radio
The present invention relates to systems and methods for a implementing an optimized low-end radio communication protocol, wherein the communication link is...
US-7,515,930 Electronic device sliding mechanism
The invention relates to an sliding mechanism, and in particular an electronic device sliding mechanism. The invention provides an electronic device sliding...
US-7,515,607 Implementation of linkset-related SS7 network functions based on M3UA messages
The present invention relates to a method and network element for providing linkset-related SS7 network functions based on M3UA messages. In particular the...
US-7,515,561 System and method for discovering network interface capabilities
A system and method for discovering capabilities of a network interface prior to a handover. The mobile node detects a beacon with a radio interface identifier...
US-7,515,500 Memory device performance enhancement through pre-erase mechanism
The specification and drawings present a new method, apparatus and software product for performance enhancement of a memory device (e.g., a memory card) using a...
US-D589,954 Handset
US-D589,953 Frame for a handset
US-D589,952 Rear cover for a handset
US-D589,951 Rear cover for a handset
US-D589,950 Front cover for a handset
US-D589,949 Front cover for a handset
US-D589,948 Handset
US-D589,947 Keypad for a handset
US-D589,926 Handset
US-D589,925 Handset
US-D589,922 Handset
US-D589,921 Handset
US-D589,919 Handset
US-D589,798 Container
US-7,512,796 Authentication in a packet data network
Authentication method for authenticating a mobile node to a packet data network, in which a shared secret for both the mobile node and the packet data network is...
US-7,512,715 System and method for requesting a resource over at least one network with reduced overhead
Systems and methods are provided for requesting a resource over at least one network. The system includes a network entity, such as a gateway or an origin...
US-7,512,427 Multi-function electronic device with nested sliding panels
In a multi-function electronic device, consists of a display mounted on the body of the device and two slidable panels mounted in the body for extension and...
US-7,512,426 Mobile communications device with synchronising hinge
The invention relates to a mobile communications device comprising a housing, a transceiver in the housing, a keypad connected to the housing, and a display...
US-7,512,413 Systems and methods that employ multiple antennas with a device for mobile communication
The present invention comprises systems and methods for cellular, PCS, GPS and/or Bluetooth mobile communication (e.g., a mobile telephone). The systems and...
US-7,512,401 Method and system for updating capabilities of a device
A method and system for transmitting data to a device is described. The method includes steps of comparing, in a server, a list of capabilities of the server...
US-7,512,399 Mobile telecommunications device
A method of controlling a mobile telecommunications device (1) is disclosed. The device (1) includes a memory (18) for storing a list of contacts each having an...
US-7,512,386 Method and apparatus providing integrated load matching using adaptive power amplifier compensation
An RF power amplifier module can be used without a matching device between the power amplifier module and an antenna. The power amplifier module is constructed...
US-7,512,151 Providing a network node with service reference information
Service reference information is added to an IP telephony signaling protocol message and the IP telephony signaling protocol message is then sent to the network...
US-7,512,111 Time adjustment method and time stamping method in telecommunication system and telecommunication system
A time adjustment method, a time stamping method and a telecommunication system are provided. The invention is based on performing a power measurement in the...
US-7,512,099 Method, system and transmitting side protocol entity for sending packet data units for unacknowledged mode services
A method, system and transmitting side protocol entity is disclosed for sending packet data units for unacknowledged mode services in a mobile communication...
US-7,512,092 System and method for test loop timer operation
A system and method for test loop timer operation. A mobile station implementing a test procedure may receive a command to enter a test mode. A timer may be...
US-7,512,084 Event driven filter monitoring for IP multicast services
Event driven methods for implementing or removing a filter used in receiving a multicast transmission are disclosed. An exemplary method for implementing a...
US-7,512,061 Recovery of state information of a first tunnel end-point
A method for recovering state information of a first tunnel endpoint of a point to point connection between the first tunnel endpoint and a second tunnel...
US-7,511,467 Detection of lightning
A lightning detector for lightning detection and a lightning detection method, wherein the lightning detector uses at least two separate channels or frequency...
US-D589,505 Rear cover of a handset
US-D589,504 Rear cover of a handset
US-D589,503 Rear cover for a handset
US-D589,489 Handset
US-D589,486 Handset
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