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Patent # Description
US-D592,656 Handset
US-D592,655 Rear panel for a handset
US-D592,654 Front cover for a handset
US-D592,653 Front cover of a handset
US-D592,652 Handset
US-D592,651 Set of buttons for a handset
US-D592,598 Charger
US-7,533,209 Universal serial bus circuit which detects connection status to a USB host
The invention relates to universal serial bus circuits utilized in USB devices and USB hubs. Specifically, the invention relates to circuitry used to detect...
US-7,533,065 Advanced method and arrangement for performing electronic payment transactions
The invention relates to a method and arrangement for making electronic purchases. In the method according to the invention, a creditor (11) grants to a customer...
US-7,532,892 Method and device for controlling admission of users to a cellular radio network
The present invention relates to a method and a cellular radio network device (3) for controlling the admission of user (4, 6) to a cellular radio network (1)....
US-7,532,808 Method for coding motion in a video sequence
A method of motion-compensated video encoding that enables a video sequence with a global motion component to be encoded in an efficient manner. A video encoder...
US-7,532,680 Multi-mode radio frequency transmitter
A method is disclosed to operate a multi-mode multi-timeslot RF transmitter, as is an RF transmitter that includes a control unit that operates in accordance...
US-7,532,664 Method and apparatus to estimate signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) in a multiple antenna receiver
In one aspect this invention provides a method to operate a receiver, and includes applying signals received from at least first and second antennas to...
US-7,532,626 Data transmission protocol
A method of transmitting data from a transmitter towards a receiver can include forming a plurality of ordered data units each comprising a part of a data...
US-7,532,612 Transmission timing
A method for transferring data over a communication link from a first unit to a second unit, the link comprising a first portion across which the data is carried...
US-7,532,596 Optimized information transfer associated with relocation of an IP session in a mobile communications system
A solution for supporting relocation of an IP session of a mobile node during a network layer handover in a mobile communication system. In the method, from the...
US-7,532,125 System and method for worker supervision
Systems and methods applicable, for instance, in the supervision of workers. A worker device may, for example, be employed to access a storage element associated...
US-7,531,755 Trimming of embedded structures
The idea of the invention is to form a cavity in a multilayer substrate at the point of the structure to be trimmed. This enables the embedding of tolerance...
US-D592,214 Display
US-D592,204 Portion of a handset
US-D592,203 Portion of a handset
US-D592,202 Handset
US-D592,201 Portion of a handset
US-D592,200 Handset rear cover
US-D592,199 Set of key buttons for a handset
US-D592,198 Set of key buttons for a handset
US-D592,197 Set of key buttons for a handset
US-D592,191 Headset
US-D592,182 Headset
US-D592,173 Handset
US-D592,172 Handset
US-D592,171 Handset
US-D592,142 Charger
US-7,530,096 Intermediate node aware IP datagram generation
According to the invention, information in clear text is added to a data packet transmitted from a sender to a receiver with end-to-end security in an IP...
US-7,529,929 System and method for dynamically enforcing digital rights management rules
A system and method for enforcing digital rights management (DRM) rules in a terminal, even when the requesting rendering application is already operating....
US-7,529,845 Compressing, filtering, and transmitting of protocol messages via a protocol-aware intermediary node
Methods, apparatuses, and a system for compressing, filtering, and transmitting of protocol messages to be transmitted from a transmitting side via a...
US-7,529,839 Request redirection handling in IMC
An apparatus and method of processing a service request in an IP multimedia core network is provided. The method includes the steps of receiving a service...
US-7,529,673 Spectral parameter substitution for the frame error concealment in a speech decoder
A method for use by a speech decoder in handling bad frames received over a communications channel a method in which the effects of bad frames are concealed by...
US-7,529,639 Location-based novelty index value and recommendation system and method
The invention is a system and method for computing a result for a location, wherein the result indicates how novel it is for a wireless device to occupy a...
US-7,529,560 Intersystem cell reselection from GERAN to UTRAN
This invention describes a method for a cell reselection by a mobile station from a serving GERAN cell supported by a GSM/EDGE (global system for mobile...
US-7,529,354 Method of managing a connection release, corresponding system and device
The present invention relates to a method usable for managing a connection release of an established connection between two or more parties via a communication...
US-7,529,271 Method and device for transferring data over GPRS network
A method and device according to the present invention reorders Logical Link Control (LLC) Packet Data Units (PDUs) when user data is transferred over the radio...
US-7,528,772 Provision of location information
A method of providing information regarding the location of a mobile user equipment (1) in a system wherein the location is determined based on information...
US-7,528,769 Enhancing the usability of carrier phase measurements
An orientation of a mobile first antenna is determined based at least on sensor information. Further, a computational compensation of a difference between the...
US-7,528,354 Method and device for position sensing of an optical component in an imaging system
A light beam is used to illuminate a spot on a lens element which is shifted along the optical axis of an imaging system for auto-focus or optical zoom purposes....
US-D591,736 Front cover for a handset
US-D591,709 Handset
US-D591,708 Handset
US-D591,707 Handset
US-D591,704 Front cover for a handset
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