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Patent # Description
US-D590,818 Panel for a handset
US-D590,814 Headset
US-D590,813 Headset
US-D590,806 Handset
US-D590,805 Handset
US-D590,803 Handset
US-D590,800 Handset
US-D590,799 Handset
US-D590,798 Handset
US-D590,770 Charger for a handset
US-7,519,863 Detection of a malfunction in a hardware module
A method of detecting a malfunction in a hardware module is shown. The hardware module comprises a functional hardware adapted to provide a defined function and...
US-7,519,860 System, device and method for automatic anomaly detection
A method and system for monitoring the behavior of at least one observable object, e.g. a network element, of a network, wherein at least one parameter of the...
US-7,519,740 Server
A server suitable for a vehicle having a first wireless interface providing a connection on a customer basis for local user terminals to the server, to enable...
US-7,519,738 Method for moving of flows in communication networks
The invention relates to a method, system, electronic device, network node and computer program for moving flows in a communication network, which comprises at...
US-7,519,604 Troubleshooting engine and method for using same
A system for using a troubleshooting engine to assemble an interactive multimedia repair guide for assisting a service technician in the repair of a defective...
US-7,519,530 Audio signal processing
A processor for processing an audio signal can have a receiving unit configured to receive an audio signal, an expansion unit configured to expand a bandwidth of...
US-7,519,404 Telescopic telephone
A telephone comprises a first part (601) and a second part (602) attached thereto, said second part being movable in relation to the first part between a first...
US-7,519,386 Mobile communication device having music player navigation function and method of operation thereof
The invention relates to a controlling arrangement for a music player application in a mobile communication device. To improve the control of the music player, a...
US-7,519,384 Enhanced assisted cell change
A system and method for minimizing the gap in service during the reception of an MBMS session due to the reselection of a neighboring cell in which that MBMS...
US-7,519,336 Method and arrangement for optimizing efficiency of a power amplifier
The invention relates to optimizing efficiency of a power amplifier of a transmitter. In a solution according to the invention a detected envelope (306) of an...
US-7,519,325 Docking of short-range wireless communication tags with mobile terminals
The invention provides for docking short-range wireless communication tags, which may be Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or near Field Communication (NFC)...
US-7,519,013 Spatial reuse in a wireless communications network
The present invention provides techniques for spatial reuse in wireless communications networks. Accordingly, the present invention provides A device...
US-7,518,955 Electronic device and method for enhancing usability of electronic device
An electronic device is provided, the device comprising a display, user interface, a controlling unit connected to the display and the user interface, providing...
US-7,517,098 Method, system, apparatus and software product for presentation notes mode
A method, apparatus, system, and software product are presented for displaying notes to a presenter, in order to facilitate narration of a presentation. The...
US-D590,386 Movable support element for a handset
US-D590,385 Front cover for a handset
US-D590,384 Camera for a handset
US-D590,383 Rear cover for a handset
US-D590,382 Rear cover of a handset
US-D590,381 Keypad for a handset
US-D590,378 Headset
US-D590,377 Headset
US-D590,376 Front cover for a headset
US-D590,373 Speaker
US-D590,371 Headset
US-D590,367 Handset
US-7,516,402 Presentation of large objects on small displays
This invention relates to a method, a computer program product, a device and a system for formatting an object to obtain a formatted object, wherein the object...
US-7,516,395 Memory checking apparatus and method
Image or other data is stored in a memory. A first validation parameter (e.g., a checksum) is determined for the data stored in the memory at a first time, and...
US-7,516,236 Method to improve perceived access speed to data network content using a multicast channel and local cache
A method for increasing a user's perceived access speed to content available from a data network. The method utilizes a multicast channel and the selection of...
US-7,516,196 System and method for delivery and updating of real-time data
A system, method and computer program for receiving real-time data from a content provider and delivering it to a user terminal while using the minimum amount of...
US-7,516,075 Hypersound document
A hypersound document which insures reductions in cost and power requirement of electronic information terminals and a reproducer therefor. The hypersound...
US-7,515,945 Connected mode for low-end radio
The present invention relates to systems and methods for a implementing an optimized low-end radio communication protocol, wherein the communication link is...
US-7,515,930 Electronic device sliding mechanism
The invention relates to an sliding mechanism, and in particular an electronic device sliding mechanism. The invention provides an electronic device sliding...
US-7,515,607 Implementation of linkset-related SS7 network functions based on M3UA messages
The present invention relates to a method and network element for providing linkset-related SS7 network functions based on M3UA messages. In particular the...
US-7,515,561 System and method for discovering network interface capabilities
A system and method for discovering capabilities of a network interface prior to a handover. The mobile node detects a beacon with a radio interface identifier...
US-7,515,500 Memory device performance enhancement through pre-erase mechanism
The specification and drawings present a new method, apparatus and software product for performance enhancement of a memory device (e.g., a memory card) using a...
US-D589,954 Handset
US-D589,953 Frame for a handset
US-D589,952 Rear cover for a handset
US-D589,951 Rear cover for a handset
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